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It’s ok to Reintroduce Meat

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It's ok to Reintroduce Meat
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Going completely meat-free is not for everyone. If you are like me, you find out the hard way. After years of eating completely meat-free switching back into eating meat again was a process. Discovering that I just do not have the hours in the day to dedicate to making sure I was eating enough made me feel like a failure. I wasn’t practicing what I preached, and it showed in my health. Starting to reintroduce meat needs to be done carefully to avoid making yourself sick.

We still eat meat-free

My husband and I still eat a few meals a week that do not have meat in them. I know so many great meat-free recipes it feels like a waste not to use them. We also like a lot of vegetarian options more than meat ones now. We can focus on more of the healthier meals we like without feeling burnt out from how much work they are. I felt like we were starting to eat a lot of junky food just trying to find easy ways to add protein. I am no health guru, but I do try to eat healthier as much as possible. This is part of what helped me feel like less of a failure.

You are not a failure

The hardest part of switching back to eating meat was not what I thought. I figured it would be the physical of getting my body use to meat. Instead, I felt like a failure. I literally made an entire section of my blog dedicated to helping others succeed at becoming vegetarians easier than myself and here I am saying ‘I couldn’t do it’. Coming to terms that I was actually doing what is best for myself was the first step. I recognized that I can still help guide others while making sure to keep myself healthy. You are not a failure for realizing that eating meat-free is not for you.

Reintroduce meat in small amounts

The first food I ate when I started eating meat again was seafood. This is a gentle way to reintroduce meat into your system. Starting off with red meats and eating large quantities can make you feel heavy or even sick. I started eating seafood when we went out to eat and the restaurant did not offer much in vegetarian options. Next, I added in chicken and turkey. These should still be added in small quantities as eating too much too soon can still make you feel sick. I do not plan on going any further because I do not like red meats. You could start eating red meats slowly as well. Just make sure to give your body time to adjust to digesting meat again.

What are good reasons to reintroduce meat

This is a simple answer, any reason is a good reason to reintroduce meat into your diet. If you feel like you are not eating healthy enough, reintroduce meat. Let’s say you feel you are developing an eating disorder, it is a common problem, and you should reintroduce meat. Maybe you just decide you miss eating meat, reintroduce meat. There are not many reasons I would say are not good enough to make the decision to reintroduce meat. Remember, your health should be the number one concern of your diet.


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