Harry Potter

Harry Potter Magical Capsule Series 1

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Harry and Hermione Mystery Capsules

I love Harry Potter and cute things so when I saw these on Amazon, I had to get some. They are mystery capsules with a three-step reveal. First you open door one and it has paper shaped like the house crest. When you heat it up with your fingers it reveals the house color the character you got comes from. Then you get a paper in door two that you wet some and it reveals a spell associated with the character. You can use these clues to guess who you got or open door three and start opening the accessories and figure. The capsules are hard plastic and look good on display. I got two capsules, one had Harry and the other Hermione. I really like the figures overall. They are thick and sturdy plastic, not to mention adorable. I leave mine displayed on my desk. Hermione does have issues standing on her own, but I set her in front of the capsule, and she is fine. You can put their wands in their hands, as well as some of the accessories. Harry comes with Hedwig, his school trunk and his acceptance letter. Hermione comes with Crookshanks, a quill, and ‘A History of Magic’. You can get them off Amazon in sets of two, at the time I wrote this they were $21.99. The first series has 10 figures to collect, including one mystery figure.



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