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Harry Potter “Hogwarts” Crests (31201) Review

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Harry Potter “Hogwarts” Crests Set

The LEGO Harry Potter” Hogwarts” Crests set is a multi-buildable piece featuring 8 official builds. The main set builds are based off the four Hogwarts houses, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. Each build does require at least one set. The set costs $119.99, so to have each build on display would be around $1,320, not including tax. It is possible to cut down on these amounts by purchasing the pieces missing when you buy less sets. The set also has a soundtrack you can listen to as you build. This features interviews from various designers of both the set and the Harry Potter movies, including graphic designers MinaLima. The set comes with 4,249 pieces, though you will have leftovers due to the multi-build design.

Inside the Packaging


The packaging for this set really stood out to me. The box is thin and looks like it is geared towards adults with the darker color pallet. Inside you will find all the pieces, an instruction manual for the four main builds, the 16×16 mosaic brick pieces, and wide brick separator. The round plates for the mosaic have been separated by color, and one of the first pieces you build is a color guide to help keep track of each one.

Wide Brick Separator

Wide Brick Separator

The wide brick separator was designed for the LEGO mosaic sets. It is great for clearing out one mosaic in order to make a new one, or mess ups of course. It can remove four of the round plates at one time or be used to pry multiple pieces up if you don’t mind a bit of a mess. This was a hugely helpful addition for these sets considering how many different builds they have.

The Four Crests

The Crests

Harry Potter” Hogwarts” Crests includes instructions for four builds, though more can be found online here. These builds are crests based on the four Hogwarts houses and the original founders’ artifacts. Gryffindor, done in mostly red and gold, features a lion and the sword of Gryffindor. Hufflepuff, using predominately gold and white, has the badger along with Hufflepuff’s cup. Ravenclaw, using the movie colors silver and blue, shows a raven and Ravenclaw’s diadem. Slytherin, mostly green and silver, has a snake and Slytherin’s locket. I believe it was a good choice using white with Hufflepuff instead of black due to the animals being in all black and dark pearl grey.

Slytherin Crest


I built the Slytherin crest so it is the one I will be looking at more closely. The snake is well done. I love the use of pearl dark grey to add some texture and dimension to the set. I think using round plates helps bring out the curve in the snake’s body better than square plates would have. With this being a two-dimensional set, I feel the details are important. I could tell it had Slytherin’s locket just by seeing the instruction picture, so it did well on that in my opinion. The bottom left-hand corner features a new “Harry Potter” logo tile that can easily be switched for more silver round plates. I added this piece to mine as I liked the simple look of it.

Various Packages Included and Instructions

Building Experience

Building the set took less time than I thought. It was a bit repetitive but not as bad as I imagined. The whole experience is rather relaxing if you work on it off and on. Each of the 16×16 technic mosaic bricks are built separately and then attached together with black pins. The border starts with attaching 1×2 bricks with pins and then is built around the set using plates, bricks, and tiles. The back has two technic pieces that have cutouts perfect for hanging the set on the wall. These two pieces seem to be exclusive to other mosaics with the exception of the 1989 Batwing. I do recommend keeping the round plates separated by color to keep better track of them. It makes the entire experience much better when you do not have to keep looking for pieces.



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